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Ravin Crossbow R20
430 fps
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Farbe Predator Camo


Crossbow from Ravin.

Key features:

Designed for exceptional downrange accuracy.
Balanced cams which remain level during drawing and shooting.
Integrated, ambidextrous cocking system built into the stock - for cocking and uncocking.
Straight line nock travel and balanced draw.
Frictionless arrow flight with arrow and string staying free of the rail.
Anti- dry fire and improved auto safety switch.
Riser level.
Built in sling mounts.
Complete range of accessories included.
Included accessories: Illuminated scope, quiver and mounting bracket & 6x arrows a 100 grain practice points

Technical specifications:

Velocity: 430fps
Kinetic Energy: 164lbs
Draw Weight:
Power Stroke: 13"
Mass Weight: 7.1lbs
Length: 34.5"
Width: 6" (cocked) 10.5" (uncocked)
Bolt Length: 18"
Bolt Weight: 400grn

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