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TRU Ball Release Blade Pro Quicksilver
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Art-Nr. 20180205-04
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Ausführung 3 Finger Medium Black
3 Finger Medium Purple
3 Finger Medium Silver

Thumb release from TRU Ball.

Key features:

Heavy weight brass construction with Quicksilver anti-corrosion coating.
Thumb trigger style activation.
Thinner head and jaw reduce D-loop torque for a cleaner release and better arrow flight.
Perfect grip with chequered side plates and textured second and third finger contact - giving enhanced grip in wet conditions.
Smooth index finger contact to allow the correct amount of movement for good execution.
Safe-cocking mechanism prevents the release from cocking with interference - giving top level protection against misfiring.
Larger size available for a better fit in bigger hands.
Lanyard/ wrist strap attachment point.
Adjustable trigger position for the perfect fit to your hand and shooting style.
Precision pressure and travel adjustment.

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