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Muzzy Jagdspitze Trocar HB
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Art-Nr. 20220709-08
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• Stainless steel ferrule with chisel tip
• 1" fixed blade cutting diameter; 1-5/8" expandable cutting diameter
• Offset fixed blades to induce spin on the arrow
• Weight: 100 grains

The Trocar HB feature 0.035-inch-thick surgically sharp stainless steel mechanical blades that stay tucked in tight to the solid-steel ferrule in flight, but they deploy reliably with a 1 5/8” expandable cutting diameter. The fixed blades are also 0.035-inch thick and have a cutting diameter of 1”. They have an offset for increased accuracy and stability. The total cutting diameter of the HB is 2 5/8”. The Trocar HB feature a bone-crushing chisel tip.

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