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Black Mamba Tab Venom Xtreme Finger Tab
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Art-Nr. 20171115-02
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Ausführung Right Hand long
Right hand short
Left Hand Long
Left Hand short

• Same size as the Venom original, developed with more options to allow for maximum customization for the archer
• Produced with over-sized trim-to-fit cordovan leather for proper fit and customization
• Comes standard with an anodized gun metal grey tab plate with an added slot to allow the archer to choose from six different strap options. The transition slots for the two bottom fingers have an increased radius for a smoother surface which makes the strap slide easier
• Includes an anodized CNC machined 6061 aluminum Venom Xtreme Ledge
• The ledge is an innovative inline design which allows for a lower lateral profile of the ledge without sacrificing any surface area. This makes for a more stable platform at anchor and reduces friction on the jaw and neck at release
• Injection over-molded Axios NNP Finger Spacer in either long or short
• Features a fully three dimensional Palm Pad with adjustments up and down, back and forth, and in and out. The offset triangular Palm Pad can be rotated for three different angles on one side and flipped over for three more. Six possible angles with an infinite number of positions

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