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Tru Ball Valor Release
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Art-Nr. 20170302-03
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Here's a single-caliper release from TRU Ball that employs a roller sear, which means you can set this to activate with very little pressure. Great choice for bowhunters or target archers.

• Jaw-and-Half wrist strap release that “REDEFINES" the original single caliper jaw release
• A new superior design allows the archer to make adjustment in jaw gap to account for different sized “D” loop materials, while insuring the perfect cradle of the “D” loop to allow the most accurate shot
• Offers a superior 440 hardened stainless steel roller sear and ergonomic trigger complete with an individual travel adjustment screw
• Globo-Swivel torque reduction wrist strap-to-head connection allows the archer to eliminate any unwanted torque on the “D” loop
• Available with a black anodized head and an anodized tan jaw

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