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W & W Mittelteil Inno CXT
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Performance of the bow is decided by accuracy, stability, arrow speed and super smooth feeling at the moment of the shot and is known as the most important for shooting. Therefore string follow-through or string reaction during the shot is a major indicator to show bow performance.The Inno CXT carbon riser maximizes the properties of carbon and minimizes the unnecessary limb movement from the archer’s release and makes bow movement extremely stable while absorbing the vibration with efficiency and more quickly than other bows.

Many archers to draw 27”, 29”and 31”have a difficulty to set-up bows with 25” risers. The Inno CXT 26”riser makes 67”, 69” and 71” bows and enlarges the range of archers usage.

Key features:

•Weight control system: The riser weight is adjustable so the archers can customize the weight to fit their desire
•A more convenient Center-Shot adjustment system: You can conveniently adjust the limb and riser alignment without unstringing the bow. In addition, a highly specialized washer was designed to prevent the limb bolt from randomly coming loose.
•Upgraded accuracy: W&W engineering solved simple problems such as twisting and bending during the moulding process. Now it is possible to have virtually perfect limb an riser alignment with W&W bows.
•The ideal grip: Win&Wins grip is made to find the correct pressure point for the archer. It is especially designed to take into consideration the joint position of the each finger, so it creates a very stable grip position and increases arrow grouping.

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