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Ausführung RH (45#-60#)-(26"-30") 75%-90% Let Off Realtree Edge
RH (55#-70#)-(26"-30") 75%-90% Let Off Realtree Edge
RH (55#-70#)-(26"-30") 75%-90% Let Off Iron

Maintaining status quo is never an option
All-new industry-leading technologies and designs you won’t find anywhere else, giving you more performance and customization than any other bow on the market
This hard-hitting, buck-dropping bow offers an unprecedented four let off settings, two choices of hand grips, and includes a limb stop for a rock-solid back wall
The Status EKO fires arrows at an incredible 344 feet per second in a solid 33” axle-to-axle setup
The highly adjustable EKO Cam technology allows you to customize the let off to four different positions (75%, 80%, 85%, or 90%) without sacrificing performance
Located within the riser, the Align Lok™ level works in conjunction with any bow sight to aid in aligning second and third axis levels
Features sleeker, smaller, and lighter SonicStops dual string suppressors that eliminate noise and vibration

Axle to axle: 33"
Brace height: 6"
Mass weight: 4.3 lbs
Speed: 344 fps
Draw weight: 70 lbs | 60 lbs
Draw length: 26"-30"
Let-off: 90 %
Available Colors: Iron, One Nation Midnight, Realtree Edge, Veil Alpine, & Veil Stoke

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