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Beiter Nocks Pin Symmetric Hunter 1
Nockbettgröße #1
ab 1,49 €   Stück
inkl. 20% MwSt, zzgl. Versand
Art-Nr. 20141229-03
Menge Stück
Farbe Black
Dark Blue
Dark Green
Fluor Green
Fluor Orange
Heavy Green
Heavy Orange
Heavy Yellow
Neon Yellow

The Beiter Pin-Nock is available in the Beiter patented ASYMMETRIC version, as well as in the SYMMETRIC version, for Compound archers using a D-Loop. Pay attention that the Beiter Logo should face on top of the nock while shooting.

Pin nock design will fit pin bushings of all known types
Each nock has only one single mould for the tightest tolerances and the highest precision
Nock grove shaped to prevent pinching the string for a consistent release
Simple to install with an easy push-fit design
Symmetrical design ideal for use when shooting with a D-loop

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