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Sanlida CNC Forged Miracle WITH WOODEN GRIP
Length: 25" - Weight: 1250g
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Art-Nr. 20220302-60
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Farbe Anodized Black
Anodized Red
Anodized Green
Anodized Titanum
Anodized Orange
Anodized Gold
Anodized Turqoise
Anodized Pink

Extremely beautiful ILF riser for Olympic.6061 T6 Aluminum through advanced processes with well strength and hardness.
Advanced full CNC machined riser with excellent straightness and balance.
Ergonomic wooden grip.
Stepping up from previous models, the Miracle comes with an attractive anodized finish .
Although past models have worked very well, paint finish's just cannot hold up to the durability of anodizing, making the the Miracle much more appealing long term.
Eight anodized colors to choose. - Length: 25" - Weight: 1250g - Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum - Fitting: ILF

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