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Win&Win Handle Wiawis ATF-X
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Art-Nr. 20210806-27
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Ausführung 25" RH Black/Red
25" RH Black/Gold

Anti-torsional design to make shooting stable

ATF-X is an upgraded, reinforced version of the ATF riser which was used by top world class athletes in 2018 and 2019. Through the balance of the riser design, ATF-X makes the shooting feel more powerful. Anti-torsional 45-degree cross design, which was the strong point of the existing ATF model, minimizes bow torque left and right, reducing the unnecessary movement during shooting. It also offers the option of added weights or dampers at the top, middle or bottom of the riser.


International Limb Fitting (ILF)
Anti-torsional 45-degree cross design
Clicker bar estension included

Length: 25"
Weight: 1300g
Material: Aluminum / CNC machining
Fits grip No. 7 and 13 mm tiller bolts.

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