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Hoyt Compound Bow PowerMax 2019
neuer Artikel erstellt am 24.10.2015-11:54
PowerMax. More bow for the buck. Both types. Arguably the best bow for the buck, the PowerMax brings you the perfect mix of technology, performance, style, and value. Powered by the new PowerMax cam, this sleek bow features a Split-Limb design on a Hoyt TEC riser, for a lightweight, hard-hitting, buck-dropping rig. Big on technology and easy on the wallet, the PowerMax delivers maximum power, accuracy, and feel, with a minimum price tag. Maximize your budget with the PowerMax. PowerMax Xtra Long draw options available. Specifications: Axle-to-axle: 31” // FPS (ATA): 328 Brace height: 63/4” // Mass weight: 3.8 lbs. Cam Draw Range #2 24” to 25” #3 25.5” to 30” The full range of each cam’s available draw length is achievable with a single rotating module, without the use of a bow press.

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