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Easton Shaft Superdrive 23 Super UNI bushing
Easton Shaft Superdrive 23 G Nock
• World Archery maximum compliant diameter • Performance shaft for shooters looking for success in both 3D and indoor competition • High-performance, lightweight, high-strength all carbon shaft • Uses SuperDrive construction for ultimate strength • UNI bushing • Straightness tolerance: .002" • Weight: 325 (7.43 gpi), 375 (6.97 gpi), 475 (6.35 gpi) Carbon Target Shaft from Easton. Key features: Maximum diameter shaft for WA/ FITA archery. Lightweight, high strength and high performance carbon shaft. Adjustable weight stainless steel points available separately for perfect tuning. With UNI bushing and Easton G Nock. Technical specifications: Material: Carbon Diameter: Maximum Diameter WA/ FITA Grains Per Inch: 7.43-6.35 (Spine dependent) Straightness Tolerance: ± .002 Weight Tolerance: ± 1 Available Spines: 575-325 Uncut length (approx): Included components: UNI Bushing, Easton G nock. Optimal for: WA/ FITA Indoor Archery and 3D

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