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Mission Crossbow SUB-1
Package Pro Black
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Crossbow from Mission.

Key features:

Incredible grouping with group sizes consistently less than 1" at 100 yards.
Simply and safely de-cock without needing to shoot the bow.
Designed for zero nock travel.
Fully adjustable, rifle inspired stock.
Silent cocking with the RSD cocking system.
Premium quality trigger.
Package Option Includes: 1.5x5 Hawke Scope, 3 arrow quiver and 3x 20" Mission Bolts
Technical specifications:

Speed: 350fps
Kinetic Energy:
Draw Weight: 200lbs - adjustable.
Power Stroke: 13.75"
Mass Weight: 7.5lbs
Length: 30.25"
Width: 13.8" uncocked/ 10.7" cocked
Finish: Black
Bolt Length: 20"
Bolt Weight: 400grain

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