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Rinehart Target Woodland Elk 1/3 Scale
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Art-Nr. 20190517-77
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3D target from Rinehart.

Key features:

Part of Rinehart's Woodland/ Retail Series - made for practice use.
High quality target with with self healing foam insert and solid FX foam body.
1/3 scale for backyard shooting. A 20 yard shot is the same as a 60 yard shot in the field.
Broadhead and crossbow friendly.
Good to know: Orders of 3D targets can be shipped by pallet to an address other than your standard shipping address. Please contact your account manager to arrange this.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (Built): Length: 38"/ 96.5cm Height: 44" /111.76cm
Dimensions (Packed):
Weight: 180 lbs/ 81.7kg
Scoring Rings:
Replaceable Parts: Replaceable insert.

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