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Eleven Target 3D Crocodile Set
1.049,00 €   Set
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Art-Nr. 20190309-05
Menge Set

Crocodile 1

High quality 3D Target.
"Hole in One" design uses material only where its needed for cost savings without compromising on durability.
Durable, self-healing EP foam construction.
Universal scoring design.
Replaceable insert for extended use life.
Group 1 and 2 size.
Comes in two parts for easy transportation. Parts also available separately.
Technical specifications (Crocodile with insert):

Dimensions (Built): Length: 311cm x 106cm x 42 cm
Dimensions (Packed):
Weight: 41kgs
Scoring Rings: Universal
Replaceable Parts: Yes

Crocodile 2

Size: 112x33x28cm

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