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12 Stück Superschaft Shaft Pine Taper 5/16-9/32 Weighted
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Art-Nr. 20190431-017
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Spine 30-35#

Wooden shafts from Superschaft.

Key features:

Made from high quality German pine.
Wood produced in growing conditions that make for especially fine grain and durable wood.
Tapered design for faster recovery in flight and reduced drag.
Higher front of centre balance for less overall mass weight.
Rolled multiple times for a perfectly round shaft.
Weight matched to ±1gram.
Sustainable production with raw materials produced close to manufacturing point.
Made in Germany.
Technical specifications:

Material: Pine
Diameter: 9/32 nock end graduating to 5/16 point end
Weight tolerance: ±1gram
Uncut length (approx): 32"
Included components: None
Optimal for: Traditional archery of all types.

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