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Ultraview The Hinge Release (Aluminum)
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Art-Nr. 20200607-02
Menge Stück
Ausführung Click
No Click
Größe M - Medium
L - Large

Lieferzeit ca. 2 Wochen

Ultraview's The Hinge release is a premier back tension style handheld with multiple configurations
Replaceable hooks feature a click or no click riding on a micro adjustable moon
Meticulously designed and precisely machined out of aluminum to fit your hands perfectly
100’s of peoples fingers and hands were measured to create finger bed sizes that are distinct and allow for extreme repeatably for hand placement in the body of the release
Customize your HINGE with an abundance of release accessories so it fits your hands perfectly
2-Finger, 3-Finger, 4-Finger and many more options coming soon
The access hole in the bottom of the release allows for super easy micro adjust
Just use a 1/16” allen key — to make the HINGE slower turn the internal set screw counterclockwise to make it faster turn it clockwise

1 HINGE release in aluminum with the click or no-click hook pre-installed
1 Aluminum peg bracket (this is not a pulling post or peg)
1 Aluminum 3-Finger Funky Finger
1 1/16” gold allen key for micro-adjust
1 Certificate of authenticity (required for transferable manufacturers warranty)
Notice: Thumb pegs sold separately

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