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Flex-Fletch Vanes No Prep 187 FleX2 Shield
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Plastic vane from Flex-Fletch Products.

Key features:

Completely No-Prep design. Proper adhesion without cleaning with all superglues.
Flex2 Polyurethane technology - even stronger and more durable than original Flex-Fletch material.
Incredibly durable plastic vane with a great memory - will return to its original shape even when shot through bosses.
Popular choice among FITA field and target archers.
Shield shape.
Low profile design to minimise wind drift.
Unique plastic dampens arrow oscillation and acts a shock absorber.
Pack of 100.
Large selection of colours available.
Technical Specifications:

Length: 1.87 inch
Height: 0.312 inch
Weight: 3.8 grains

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