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Win&Win Handle Wiawis ATF
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Art-Nr. 20180127-01
Menge Stück
Ausführung RH - rechts Hand
LH - links Hand
Farbe Painted Black Orange
Painted Black Neon Yellow
Painted Yellow
Painted White
Painted Red
Painted Pink
Painted Blue
Painted Black
Annodized Black
Annodized Blue
Annodized Pink
Annodized Red
Annodized Purple

International limb fit riser from Win&Win.

Key features:

Torque resistant aluminium riser design.
Attractive 45º frame structure to maximise stability and prevent twisting.
Design gives 10% stronger sight window.
Incredibly well balanced riser design for a stable shot.
Tried and tested against other risers for proven improvements.
Technical specifications:

Limb Fitting: ILF
Material: Machine cut, forged aluminium.
Length Options: 25"
Weight: 1300g
Handedness: RH or LH
Finish: Painted or Anodized

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