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SVL Limbsaver Hunter Micro Bow Stabilizer - 8 Inch
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Art-Nr. 20180220-02
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Weight Forward
Though compact at only 8 inches long, the LS Hunter Micro gives you the same benefits as longer pro stabilizers. 5.6 ounces of added weight on the end of the stabilizer gives you a steady shot and helps you keep your pin on the target, increasing accuracy when it really counts.

The FW1 Stabilizer Enhancer effectively dampens unwanted vibration and helps your bow settle faster. You can add as many additional weights as you want to the end of the enhancer using the built-in 5/16” thread mount.

The LS Hunter Micro is a streamlined, small-diameter, weight-forward stabilizer that allows for low wind drag and easy navigation through rough and rugged terrain.

Rigid Carbon
The LS Hunter Micro is constructed out of a narrow 5/8” diameter, ultra-rigid, high-modulus carbon fiber that does not flex or bounce to give you optimum stabilization.

The high modulus carbon fiber structure utilizes NAVCOM® (Noise and Vibration Dampening Material) technology inside to give you a smooth and quiet shot.

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