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UUKHA Xpro 2 HM 27"
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Our observations would suggest that the majority of 27” risers available today are simply longer versions of 25” risers. The result is a riser that has more flex, with the same deflex, leading to proportionally less stability during the shot.

We performed a detailed analysis to define the new parameters in the 3 dimensions:

- we needed to increase the deflex by 3mm to guarantee the same stability during the shot.
- riser thickness and width have been increased to keep an equivalent stiffness.
Our new riser only weighs 1215 g, making it the lightest 27” riser currently available. This has been achieved by the use of HM Monolith Carbon for the riser and high strength 7075 aluminium for all the metal parts.:

- Archers preferring a lighter riser will appreciate the lower mass weight and enjoy more control and comfort shot after shot without fatigue.
- Archers looking for weight induced stability will be able to add weights at the ends, on dedicated 5/16" bushings (or on the stabilizer). The riser is stiff enough to carry a substantial add of weight without any deformation during arrow release. Definitely a better alternative to heavy risers (evenly distributed weight) to maximize inertias.
The use of Monolith C and HM Technology expertly applied in our riser, gives archers the best materials ever used to make a riser. Carbon is light and the flex can be controlled for better performance, vibration dampening and giving a great feeling to the shot.

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