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Ripcord ACE Micro-Adjust Fall-Away Arrow Rest
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Art-Nr. 20180725-04
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• The first micro-adjustable fall-away rest to offer micro-adjustability and a “narrow” hunting launcher
• Micro-adjustability (left/right, up/down) allows you to fine-tune the rest position like never before
• The Ultra Slimline launcher is an innovation that dramatically increases vane clearance by up to 46%
• FireFall design ensures launcher falls only when you fire not when you let down
• Fulltime Arrow Containment offers 100% arrow containment
• Right Time fall away system fully supports the arrow during the critical time before falling away
• DoubleDown Brake ensures there is no launcher bounceback
• Outboard Cords feature a fully external cord that eliminates any cord wear
• ThumbCock launcher, allows the rest to be cocked with just one hand
• Soft over-molding eliminates the need for moleskin
• Internal noise dampeners
• Cut-out arm locks up against the back of riser
• Offset containment arm will not interfere with arrow
• Easy installation
• FlexFit launch pad included

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