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QAD Integrate Ultra Arrow Rest
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Art-Nr. 20220609-06
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Ausführung RH - Right Hand
LH - Left Hand

The Ultrarest Integrate features a super compact design, it is packed full of pro level features including precision micro-click adjustments.
The rest automatically levels itself when mounted to the bow, decreasing setup time.
Fine tuning capabilities of just .0019" per click.
Mounting the rest to the IMS® eliminates the need for several parts making it the sleekest, lightest and most compatible rest to date.
Boasting a 2X stronger hold you never have to worry about your rest moving.
The seamless integrated design makes the rest look and feel like part of the bow.
Total Containment: When you’re drawn back and need to let down, the arrow remains fully contained.
Anti-Backlash: Remove slop from the threads. Every click is an adjustment – no guessing!
Lock Down: Drops and locks down, zero bounce back, zero fletching contact.
EZ Clamp: No serving required; quick, easy cord adjustment.
Safety Break Away: When launcher is forced down, it will safely break away to prevent damage or injury.
Anti-Vibration: Cambrake and dampers kill noise & vibrations.
Velocity Drop-Away: High-tension spring drops the launcher for clearance at over 400fps.

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