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AAE Arizona Tab KSL Gold Cordovan
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Art-Nr. 20170119-01
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Ausführung Alu Black RH Small
Alu Black RH Medium
Alu Black RH Large
Alu Black LH Medium
Alu Black LH Large
Brass RH Small (+ 10,00 €)
Brass RH Medium (+ 10,00 €)
Brass RH Large (+ 10,00 €)
Brass LH Small (+ 10,00 €)
Brass LH Medium (+ 10,00 €)
Brass LH Large (+ 10,00 €)

Professional finger tab from AAE Arizona. Designed by Kisik Lee.

Key features:

Ergonomic tab designed by the world famous coach Kisik Lee.
Highly adjustable for the perfect fit in your hand.
Adjustable, hard plastic palm plate for a better hand position.
Grain-orientated cordovan face for a durability and feel.
Removable platform and finger spacer.
Replaceable parts.
Anodized aluminium or brass options for your prefered feel.
Technical specifications:

Face material: Cordovan
Plate material: Aluminium or Brass option
Handedness: LH or RH
Sizes: S, M, L
Palm extension: Yes, removable/adjustable
Platform: Yes, removable/adjustable
Finger spacer: Yes, removable/adjustable

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