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Black Gold Competition Sight with Extension
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Art-Nr. 20170405-05
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Ausführung 6" Extension
9" Extension

• A sight with more adjustments than any other sight to allow for the most precise adjustments
• Vertical slide designed from a lightweight polymer that allows for smooth movements and completely weather proof
• Easy to use indicator needles are rock solid and easy to move and read
• Quick slide wheel allows you to spin the wheel to move the entire vertical slide
• Locking front windage assembly makes it fast and easy to lock or unlock the windage knobs
• Micro gang windage adjustments gives you more left and right movement than any other sight
• No need for extra parts or guessing, just give it a few clicks one way or the other
• Finally a micro adjust 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis to give you the edge you need
• Clearly marked so you can watch each adjustment and locks down for a secure adjustment
• Length: 6"
• Weight: 11.6 oz.
• Made in the USA

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