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Mathews Halon Top Hat Spacer Kit
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Art-Nr. 20180331-01
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• Allows you to adjust cam spacing while keeping correct cam spacing
• Three different variations to adjust spacing
• Each spacer has indication marks to let you know which ones will match up
• Sets are marked with reference lines around the Top Hat systems
• Reference lines are placed to match each set
• Single line and double line spacers will be used on the same cam in each set
• Designed for: Mathews Halon series, TRG series, TRX series and Triax
Kit includes:
• Set 1 (reference lines close to the shoulder of the spacer) has 2- .140" and 2 .035" spacers
• Set 2 (reference lines in the middle of the spacer)has 2- .120" and 2 .055" spacers
• Set 3 (reference lines furthest from the shoulder of the spacer)has 2- .100" and 2 .075" spacers

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