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XS Wings Vanes Medium 60mm High Profile
50 Stück
ab 19,99 €   Packung
inkl. 20% MwSt, zzgl. Versand
Art-Nr. 20160305-03
Menge Packung
Ausführung RH Fluor Green
RH Fluor Orange
RH Fluor Pink
RH Fluor Purple
RH Metalic Blue (+ 2,00 €)
RH Metalic Gold (+ 2,00 €)
RH Metalic Red (+ 2,00 €)
RH Metalic Silver (+ 2,00 €)
LH Fluor Green
LH Fluor Orange
LH Fluor Pink
LH Fluor Purple
LH Metalic Blue (+ 2,00 €)
LH Metalic Gold (+ 2,00 €)
LH Metalic Red (+ 2,00 €)
LH Metalic Silver (+ 2,00 €)
LH Pure White (+ 2,00 €)

Spin type vanes from XS Vanes.

Key features:

Made of a highly durable material for long lasting fletches.
High profile design optimised for higher poundage or compound bows.
60mm/ 2.36 inch size.
Shaped to improve arrow spin, clearance, and improve group size.
Fletching tape and top and tail tape included.
Designed to be easier to fletch than other spin style vanes.
Two different models for clockwise (RH) or anticlockwise (LH) arrow rotation.
Each pack contains 50 vanes.
Several attractive colour options available.
See related products below for low profile version, optimised for lighter poundage bows.

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