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Carter Wise Choice Release (4 Finger)
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Art-Nr. 20171115-07
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This is a great thumb trigger release for archers who like their index finger to be fully enclosed. It's also a good choice for bowhunters, because the jaw closes automatically when the release is cocked, and it comes with a wrist lanyard so you'll never lose the release. This is the 4-finger version.

• Many people seemed to enjoy the features of the 1st choice, so Carter thought it would only be wise to offer a version with an index finger hole
• Thumb trigger release adds an index finger hole to assist with consistent index finger placement and adds the security of an enclosed placement for your peace of mind
• Features the same popular auto-closing jaw for a quick and easy attachment to your d-loop
• Set Screw tension adjustment system for the most precise and simple trigger tension customization
• Removable lanyard system gives the bowhunter an option of clipping it on the loop or keeping it on their wrist
• Same universal fit of the popular 1st Choice and Too Simple, with a hole that accommodates a light glove for hunting scenarios
• Please note: Carter releases are not color specific unless otherwise noted. We cannot guarantee color choice at time of shipping

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