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Spot-Hogg Release Saturday Night
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Art-Nr. 20180927-08
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The Saturday Night can be set so hot that just thinking about touching the trigger sends the arrow on the way. The great thing about this release, is that you do not have to sacrifice safety for a fast trigger. The unique trigger design lets you set it as hot as you want with out any fear of a misfire. Spot-Hogg kept the neck short on this release for all you speed guys and draw length challenged individuals. This will allow you to stretch your draw length out with out having to modify your form. The best feature of this design, is the trigger setting does not change. Once set, it stays set until you change it.

Key features:

Smooth Contoured Handle
Fully Captures the D-Loop
This release is only compatible with bows that have D-Loops
Micro-adjustable Trigger

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