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Tru Ball Release The Blade Pro Brass
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Art-Nr. 20160613-01
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Farbe 3 Finger Black Medium
3 Finger Silver Medium
3 Finger Purple Medium
3 Finger Black Large
3 Finger Silver Large
3 Finger Purple Large

Latest hand held release aid from Tru Ball. As used by Sara Lopez on her incredible World Cup winning streak. Pro version features half brass body for increased weight and stability.

Key features:
•Thumb trigger style activation
•Thinner head and jaw reduce D-loop torque for a cleaner release and better arrow flight
•Perfect grip with chequered side plates and textured second and third finger contact - giving enhanced grip in wet conditions
•Smooth index finger contact to allow the correct amount of movement for good execution
•Safe-cocking mechanism prevents the release from cocking with interference - giving top level protection against misfiring
•Lanyard/ wrist strap attachment point
•Adjustable trigger position for the perfect fit to your hand and shooting style
•Precision pressure and travel adjustment

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