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12 Stück Black Eagle X-Impact Arrow Shaft (.001")
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Art-Nr. 20160523-04
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Spine 300 (8.1 gpi)
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• If you're looking for an arrow that's bad to the bone, look no further than the X-Impact!
• Constructed from 100% high-mod carbon, resulting in our lightest micro-diameter shaft available to date. This allows room for more point weight to be used up front which drastically improves flight characteristics and long range, extreme pin point accuracy
• We sacrificed nothing; you wanted an arrow that minimized wind drift, DONE. You wanted a light shaft that maintained its kinetic energy and holds its momentum while going through bone, DONE AND DONE. You wanted an arrow that is capable of shredding the x-ring and your competition at the same time, DONE DONE DONE. So now, when that moment of truth presents itself and your shot needs to count, you will know exactly where your arrow will IMPACT!
• Straightness: ± .001"
• Weight Tolerance: ± 0.5 grains
• 250-500 spine includes Black Eagle M nock and black anodized outsert
• 600-1100 spine includes Black Eagle M nock only

300 (8.1 gpi)

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