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HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra with 5ft. Rheostat Scope 1 5/8"
0.010 RH
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Art-Nr. 20160425-03
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Bowhunting World's Reader's Choice Award winner for best moveable sight of the year for 10 straight years. In 2007 HHA Sports revolutionized the single pin adjustable sight world forever with the launch of the Optimizer Lite Ultra. Preprinted sight tapes and a precision, gear driven wheel introduced to the yard accuracy never before seen on a hunting sight. Simply sight in at 20 and 60 yards to determine which of the tapes works for your set up and you’re dialled in from 20 to 80, by the yard! One of the most versatile sights on the market, the Ultra is rugged enough to withstand seasons of abuse in the field yet accurate enough to win a 3D tournament. With popularity of single pin sights at an all time high, the Ultra remains the king of the hill in the field and on the range.

Key features:

Made in the USA.
100% Lifetime Warranty.
CNC machined aluminium construction.
Designed for bowhunters and 3D shooters.
Mathews Harmonic Damper for reduced noise and vibration.

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