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Tru Ball Release Honey Badger Claw 3 Finger
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Art-Nr. 20151103-01
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After years of product testing and competing, TRU Ball and Reo Wilde have developed a comfortable and shootable release you can put in your hand. The H.B.C. release is made of solid brass! This model features ergonomic handle in Medium or Large (3 and 4 finger only) that tapers smaller toward pinky. Micro-adjust one screw using visual speed dial to reference settings. Turn in to make release hotter (faster), back out to make slower. Assembled with a standard click, but a fast click is sold separately.

Key features:

•New machined grip pattern
•Option of click or no click
•Micro adjustable speed dial
•Adjustable thumb peg
•Increased tapered ergonomic handle
•New location on the third and fourth finger for added leverage

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