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Shrewd Scope Mini Magnum 29mm
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Art-Nr. 20150202-02
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Ausführung LH .019 Pin
LH .029 Pin
RH .019 Pin
RH .029 Pin

Target scope designed for the field and target archer wanting the smaller field of view for the use of smaller peep site diameters. 29mm lens, Front sunshades, back sunshades and decal kits are optional. Scope is either RH or LH and level can be inserted on either top or bottom. Designed by the same minds that revolutionized the scope market with the NOMAD series scopes, Shrewd’s Mini-Mag scope was designed specifically for field and target archers looking for a smaller field of view.

Key features:

•The Mini-Mag’s 29mm ID provides shooters with a small range of vision while still allowing for up to 8 different pin placements and the mounting of most light systems.
•Even with such a small scope there are still 6 sunshade options and the ability to add both Shrewd and Zeiss lenses on the front and back of the scope.

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