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BOWTECH Compoundbogen Fuel Package
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Art-Nr. 20141113.07
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Farbe: camo

Technische Daten

Brace Height: 7"
Axle to Axle: 31.5"
Auszugslänge: 18 - 30"
Zuggewicht: 15-70lbs
IBO Speed: 320fps
Gewicht: 3.4 lbs
Kinetic Energy: 79,6 fpe

Bowtech Fuel
Tru-Glo 3 Pin Visier
Hostage Max Full Capture Pfeilauflage
Octane Stabilisator inkl. Bogenschlinge

Introducing the Fuel, an incredibly adjustable bow perfect for archers of all ages, sizes and skill levels. The Fuel features a rock-solid riser for supreme durability with BOWTECH's Binary Cam System for maximum precision and arrow speed. The Fuel is anything but average.


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