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Bear Fieldbow Kodiak 60'
Bear Archery Fieldbow Kodiak
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Art-Nr. 20170829-11
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Ausführung 60"-35# RH Gloss
60"-40# RH Gloss
60"-45# RH Gloss
60"-50# RH Gloss
60"-55# RH Gloss
60"-60# RH Gloss

One piece traditional recurve bow from Bear Archery.

Key features:

Modelled on the classic Bear 59 Kodiak.
Constructed with maple core limbs, faced with caramel coloured fibreglass and backed with brown fibreglass.
Radiated for precision shooting.
Limb tips layered with brown and white fibreglass to accomodate modern bow string materials.
Featuring a range of elegant design details.
Stable 60" AMO length.
Gloss finish options.
Leather grip and large profile leather strike plate with forgiving rest.

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