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Carbon Tech CHEETAH 3 D
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Spine 300

Carbon Tech's super fast and ultra light arrow. This all carbon composite arrow gives the 3D and field shooter all the speed they could ask for. If you are a speed freak, then this is the arrow for you. One of the most durable super light, thin walled arrows available today. Using our proprietary multi-directional layered design gives you a much more accurate arrow. Pushing the boundaries of the 5 grains per pound IBO rule, the CT Cheetah gives you a super fast arrow and allows you to use a much heavier point weight. This gives you more stability without losing speed. We offer four different size arrows including a light spine for women, kids and men with short draw lengths.

Weight in grains Size Spine

5.3 Grains per inch (gpi) - 650 (3D) and 25/50 (standard) - .650"

6.1 Grains per inch (gpi) - 525 (3D) and 35/60 (standard) - .525"

6.4 Grains per inch (gpi) - 400 (3D) and 45/70 (standard) - .400"

7.9 Grains per inch (gpi) - 300 (3D) and 55/80 (standard) - .330"


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