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Ripcord Arrow Rest Code Red X
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Ausführung RH - right Hand
LH - left Hand

Rock solid dependability and accuracy to never let you downwhen the trophy of a lifetime is on the line. The launcher locks in the up position and cradles your arrow on three sides, while thecontainment arm eliminates your arrow from escaping from top. - Over-Molded Launcher: Soft rubber over-modling eliminates need for excess moleskin. - Lightning-Fast Fall-Away: Ensures maximum forgiveness. - Windage and Elevation Adjustment - Dampening: Internal dampening system minimizes noise - Drop Dead Break System: Internal brake system eliminates all contact caused by launcher bounce. - Offset Cord: Cord won't interfere with arrow travel. - Arrow Containment System: Stops the arrow from falling off the rest. Launcher locks in the up position and cradles the arrow on all sides. - HD Mounting Bracket: The sleek RipCord HD mounting bracket eliminates unwanted weight while providing rock solid mounting.

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