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Axcel Sight AX3000 with Damper
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Art-Nr. 20200905-59
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The Axcel™ Target Sights from the makers of T.R.U. Ball® Release. Featuring a Removable scope block with easy 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustment, Rapid Travel adjustment with a smooth hydraulic feel, and its Patent Pending Automatic Gib Tension System.

•Finest Clicks - The best accuracy (.00156in. per click) with more travel per revolution (.0625in. per revolution)
•Auto Adjust - Patent Pending Automatic Gib Tension System - No Screws to Adjust!
•Quick Change - Removable Scope Block features easy individual 2nd and 3rd Axis Adjustment. Quick Scope change with repeatable accuracy. Patent Pending
•Rapid Travel - Make quick Elevation adjustments with smooth hydraulic feel
•Feather Light - One of the lightest aluminum target sights!
•Heavy Duty Stainless Steel ACME Thread

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