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PSE Compound Bow Evolve 28
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Art-Nr. 20180724-02
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Ausführung PSE 18 EVOLVE 28 Black 24.5-30"60# RH
PSE 18 EVOLVE 28 Kryptek 24.5-30"60# RH

The Evolve 28 is the new bow from PSE. The Evolve combines the smooth draw, high-letoff and solid back wall you have become used to from PSE with a 28”axle to axle lightweight and manoeuvrable bow. This bow is Ideal for people who want to use it in tight spaces like a ground blind or a treestand.

Key features:

Compact, 28" axle to axle.
Features PSE's Evolve cam, for high let-off with no compromise on performance.
For a more aggressive draw cycle a fast low let off module can be purchased as well, 01327EFLL (will add approximately 8 fps, and ¼ inch to draw length).
Incredibly smooth drawcycle.
Lightweight riser design.
Technical speciifications:

Material: Aluminium
Axle to Axle: 28"
Bracing Height: 7"
Mass Weight: 4.1lbs
Let-off: 80, 85, 90%
Draw Length Options: 24.5"-30"
Speed Rating: 327 (ATA) - 335 (IBO) fps
Cam: ECS
Handedness: RH only

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