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Shibuya Sight 485-9 Ultima II RC Recurve Aluminium
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Art-Nr. 20171011-04
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Recurve sight from Shibuya.

Key features:

Proven, podium topping technology.
Updated and improved redesign of the long time favourite the Shibuya Ultima.
Lightweight design with improved weight distribution.
Secure and simple to use sight pin locking. Redesigned for improved hold and to prevent thread damage.
Drive shaft dampening for a quieter shot and reduced vibration.
High grip adjustment knobs for easy adjustment in all conditions.
Windage fine adjustment scale for precision adjustment.
Secure and simple lever locking mechanism.
Technical specifications:

Handedness: Left and Right-Handed models.
Extension length: 9" (6" adjustable range)
Vertical bar length: 3.8" adjustable range
Thread: 8-32 (standard recurve scope or pin)
Mass Weight: 210g
Clicks per inch: 1/480" per click.

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