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Mathews Compound Bow TRX 8 2019
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Art-Nr. 20161012-07
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Farbe Black
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Zuggewicht 60-50 lbs
50-40 lbs

Target compound bow from Mathews inc.

Key features:

Improved grip position on the riser.
Stable and forgiving 40" axle to axle length.
Longer axle to axle design popular with longer draw lengths.
Featuring the mini crosscentric cam for the smooth draw of a no cam, with increased speed.
True centre nocking point for level nock travel and consistent shots.
Mathews dampening for greatly reduced post-shot vibration.
Four great colour options.
Technical specifications:

Material: Aluminium
Axle to Axle: 40"
Bracing Height: 8"
Mass Weight: 4.96lbs
Let off: 70%
Draw length options: 24"-31"
Speed rating: 322 FPS (IBO)
Cam: Mini Crosscentric
Finish: Black, Blue, Red, White

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