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PSE Compound Bow Stinger Extreme
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Art-Nr. 20180320-03
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Ausführung RH 55# Mossy Oak Country
RH 55# Kryptek Highlander
RH 70# Mossy Oak Country
RH 70# Kryptek Highlander
LH 70# Black
LH 70# Charcoal

Compound bow from PSE. Part of PSE's Adapt Series.

Key features:

Highly adjustable single cam design gives drawlength options from 21"-30".
Smooth draw cycle.
Range of colour options available.
Right handed model only.
Upgraded riser design and limb pockets.
Also available as a package. See related items.
Technical specifications:

Axle to Axle: 32.5"
Bracing Height: 7 1/8"
Mass Weight: 3.8lbs
Let-off: 75%
Draw Length Options: 21"-30"
Speed Rating: 316-308 fps
Cam: SX
Limb: Split Limb

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