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Black Gold Pure Driven 75 Sight
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• All-new Level Head sight ring features a pre-installed level that is easier to adjust, is rock-solid secure and can be customized to fit into the top of the sight ring
• Redesigned Y-beam is more streamlined, more stable and an amazing 2.3 times stronger!
• New SureGrip knob on the Dial-of-Death gives you ensured adjustability even with gloved or sweaty hands
• Overall weight has been reduced by a whopping 15%!
• PhotoChromatic Technology automatically darkens in bright light to dull pins, prevent pin halo
• SkyCoil Technology gathers light from above for unmatched pin brightness
• MVD (metal vertical drive), all-metal vertical drive mechanism
• Horizontal and vertical 8-click-per-inch gang micro-adjustment
• Zero-stop feature allows you to instantly move your sight to a pre-set distance without looking
• 3rd axis adjustability for more accurate uphill/downhill shooting
• Direct mount sculpted base with Monster clamping dovetail
• Exclusive low-friction dry coating lubricates drive without attracting dirt/dust
• Splined vertical drive gear increases durability by 80% and provides a quieter, more solid feel
• Single .019" machined MicroGroove pin
• Angled sight tape can be seen from side or back
• More precise, better protected indicator needle

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