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Bohning Impuls Vane 3 Zoll
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Art-Nr. 18122012-01
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The newest addition to the Bohning® family of vanes is the IMPULSE™ - this revolutionary vane is the result of over 2 years of research in aerodynamics and materials engineering. Impulse™ is the super low-profile, light-weight, high-durability vane that is blowing away the competition across the country and the globe. Thanks to its low profile, the Impulse™ has 14% less chance of hitting the arrow rest than the leading Mylar vane. Further tests show that in the event of rest contact, there is significantly less shaft deflection than with Mylar vanes. The composite vane material [a technology typically used in the aerospace industry] maintains its stiffness while resulting in 50% less weight than our standard material. This, combined with its low profile, makes the Impulse™ very efficient in high winds and unstable conditions. Though this vane was designed primarily for Olympic Recurve shooters, compound shooters around the world are also reporting fabulous results


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