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Hoyt Mittelteil Excel 21
Uukha Hx10 EVO²
Monolith Carbon
ab 489,00 €   Paar
inkl. 20% MwSt, zzgl. Versand
Art-Nr. 20170801-05
Menge Paar
Größe 66 Zoll
68 Zoll
70 Zoll
Zuggewicht 24 lbs
26 lbs
28 lbs
30 lbs
32 lbs
34 lbs
36 lbs
38 lbs
40 lbs
44 lbs
Finish Standard decal
Minimal decal

Hx10Evo2 are designed for archers looking for speed, smoothness and comfort.

Sizes 66", 68", 70"
Poundage 24# à 44# toutes les 2#
Fittings Standard ILF

Curve is a progressive profile which guarantees a smooth draw and high speed. Torsional stiffness improves arrow grouping.

Monolith C Evo², with 50% carbon fiber content is compressed in CNC machined metallic molds, under high pressure at high temperature.

Thanks to this technology limbs characteristics remain independant of temperature or hygrometry changes, day after day.

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