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Gold Tip Shaft Traditional Classic
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Carbon Arrow from Gold Tip. Designed with the needs of traditional archers in mind

Key features:

Designed for those who want the elegance and style of a traditional wooden arrow but with the durability and consistency of carbon
Coated to give the realistic look of traditional wood
Durable construction suitable for even the toughest targets
Extra tough to meet the needs of traditional archers
Heavier weight and front of centre for traditional archers
Also available fletched - see related products below
Technical specifications:

Material Carbon
Straightness Tolerance: 0.006
Weight Tolerance:
Available Spines: 340, 400, 500 and 600
Uncut Length: 32"
Designed for: Traditional Archery, Field, 3D and Hunting
Included Components: Inserts
Spine Grains/inch Outside Diameter Inside Diameter
340 12.1 0.287 ïnches 0.204 inches
400 11.4 0.282 inches 0.204 inches
500 9.8 0.274 inches 0.204 inches
600 9 0.269 inches 0.204 inches

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