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Gold Tip Schaft Expedition Hunter
Gold Tip Shaft Nine.3 Max Pro
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Art-Nr. 20151208-01
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The Nine.3 Max is barely legal, yet compliant with 9.3mm World Archery and USA Archery competition rules. Thanks to Gold Tip's Legendary 100% Carbon construction, you get repeatable one-hole-accuracy while taking on abusive targets like a champ. And yes, it's also a great 3-D arrow as well.

•Available in two grades (Pro .001) and standard (.005) Straightness
•Max Diameter allowed for WA Association
•Ultra-durable Gold Tip Construction
•8.5 grains per inch with 32" full length shafts at a 250 spine
•Weight sorted to +/- 5 grains to the dz
•Multiple component offerings
•GT or HD Pin Nock Options
•Accu-Bushing available for .246 GT and Acculite nocks or uni-bushing for the new GTO nock
•100 and 130 grain base points that accept the fact weight system. These weights allow you to customize your front-of-center to reach the extreme accuracy you desire.

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