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Ragim Bow Black Panther
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Art-Nr. 20141226-06
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Black Panther is a one-piece bow from "the Top Class" range with a wood combination and a mixture of elegant and pretty colours. The form has been studied to satisfy all the requirements of professional archers. The central body looks with a lamination of luxury red and clear woods, with a touch of clear wood on the black fiber. The limbs are a lamination of black fibreglass on the outside and in the inside a combination of wood and carbon layers that permit to have an excellent technical performance. Tips in phenolicmaterial gives elegance and excellent stability with all types of strings.


•Length 58''
•Weights 25 to 60# (increments 5 lbs)
•RH or LH

Der Bogen wird schußfertig mit Sehne, Pfeilauflage, eingestelltem Nockpunkt geliefert.


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