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K’Netix Lumen Bow Square Multitool, 3-in-1 Archery Tool, Gray
K’Netix Lumen Bow Square Multitool, 3-in-1 Archery Tool, Gray
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Product Details
The K’Netix™ Lumen Bow Square Multi-tool features a new direction in bow tuning devices. Molded polymer has arrow grips to use with standard carbon and small diameter arrow shafts. Tune your fall-away arrow rests, and any arrow rest with 2-pronged launchers, while the squaring function utilizes the actual arrow. This 3-in-1 multi-tool includes a broadhead wrench, 3 nock tuning slots, and a kisser button gauge. Meet your expectations and never be without K’Netix™ in your archery pack.

Product Features
ARCHERY MULTITOOL: 3-in-1 archery tool provides you with a built-in broadhead wrench, 3 arrow nock tuning slots, & a kisser button gauge—measuring 10.5-inches long.
ARROW SHAFT GRIP: Arrow grippers fit standard carbon (7.6mm OD) & small diameter arrow shafts (down to 6.6mm OD)—bow square comes in a durable, molded polymer.
K’NETIX™ ARCHERY TOOLS: Have the maximum energy potential, range of motion, & ergonomics needed to be ready for your next outing.

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